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KM's Vampire Weekend Interview! Sightings! Spinster Sex Cults!
March 26, 2010

Rose on the beach

Hey, it's Blood, sorry for the delay in posting, I had to travel to the big city to have some ultra-serious business meetings with the Brah! brass... ok, not true, they played a kickass show, it took us like 18 hours to travel btw PGH and NYC, and I saw a big rat that has been haunting my dreams all week. Still though, sorry for my absence, no worries, I still love you. Even though none of you got back at me about the golf thing. So not cool.

I took the above pic at Coney Island. Coney Island is in New York City. Vampire Weekend is based in New York City. Kid Millions is also based New York City. See how all of this comes together? No? What?

Kid interviewed Chris Baio, VW's bassist, and I have it here to post for you. Take it away, boys!

Kid Millions: So dude - thanks for booking Oneida back in 2005 at Barnard. . .it seems as if you've recovered nicely from that set back.

Chris Baio: That show was super fun, the WBAR-B-Q back in 2007. My fellow music director Chas booked you dudes. The event was always scheduled to be outside but always wound up in the basement of the Barnard Student center cuz of rain ("the curse of the BBQ"). It was an insanely rainy day but you guys crushed it.

Brah Blog:  Vampire Weekend

KM: You guys just dressed up in hockey gear for Time Out. . .which was your (the band's) idea. I seriously appreciate that you did that and am mad that I didn't think about it for the O. . .how'd that come about?

CB: We're constantly being asked for ideas for photo shoots. It's funny because a lot of times you'll come up with an idea and see that another band did the exact same thing not too long ago. Dressing up like hockey players seemed like a funny and random idea--I loved hockey growing up and played it for a year--and I thought the photos came out pretty well. They even made us a custom VW Rangers jersey, I have it in my apartment right now but I don't think I could ever really wear it out of the house.

Brah Blog:  Amazons

KM: You're reading Amazons, Don DeLillo's fake memoir about the first woman to play in the NHL. I didn't know about this book before you mentioned it. How is it? Tell us a little about it. It looks kind of incredible. Hook me up when you're done with it.

CB: I finished it on the plane over to Europe a couple weeks ago. It was pretty great! It could even possibly be the great American hockey novel. I became kind of obsessed with Delillo while we were working on this record and I read all his books. He wrote Amazons in the late 70's with a collaborator named Sue Bock, but apparently his publisher wasn't really into it so he put it out under the pen name Cleo Birdwell with a different publishing house. It's definitely one of his funnier books, like End Zone or White Noise. I'm totally down to lend you it.

KM: The last time I saw the Rangers at MSG I was gratified to hear the old organ banging away occasionally - it was one of the few explicitly "traditional" elements of watching the game left. . .You have any thoughts about the NHL, the game experience? You were a big fan of the Rangers growing up - but something happened. What was it? I stopped caring probably in 1990. The Whalers left Hartford in 1996. . .if they were still there I'd probably be more of an alcoholic now than I ended up.

CB: I was nine years old when the Rangers won the Stanley cup and it was absolutely incredible. After that, though, there's only so many failure seasons a person can take. I've gone to a couple games the last few seasons which always makes me incredibly nostalgic. There is something pretty timeless about going to a hockey game, and even if little things have changed since I was younger the overall experience is pretty much the same for me. When I was a kid I definitely thought it'd be cool if I were playing that organ one day. If I still followed the Rangers with the passion I did when I was a kid I'd definitely be more of an alcoholic too.

KM: The Whalers used to play this tune over the sound system after every goal. Think you might cover it? Do a split with Oneida?

CB: That song is pretty classy. The Rangers goal song has a pretty serious 90's rock vibe... I just looked it up and apparently it was written by the music director of Madison Square Garden. Good job dude!

Brah Blog:  Miracle

KM: Dude - I haven't seen Miracle yet with Kurt Russell which is kind of f'ed. Have you? If not you should talk about Kurt Russell for a minute. I want to see if we can be friends. I actually watched the original f'in game with my Dad in 1980. Wonder if you were born yet. Don't tell me.

CB: I haven't seen Miracle either. I'm trying to stock up on DVD's for our next US tour (Yesterday I picked up a copy of Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice which has 0% on Rotten Tomatoes) and I think that would be a great one. Has the recent US Silver made you want to watch Miracle more or less?

KM: Clearly there's a lot of parallel's between hockey, chess and ancient Rome. But let's set aside the obvious for a minute. . .how does your one year hockey experience as a youngster directly affect your bass playing? How about the bass lines in Contra? Dude BTW - can you hook me up with a copy??

CB: I played a season of hockey when I was twelve and there's something about the fluidity of skating that I try to channel in a lot of the bass lines I write. My time on the ice definitely helped me understand motion, which I think is an important thing when it comes to bass playing. I feel like the bass lines for Cousins and White Sky are a pretty good sonic representation of Mike Gartner's mid-90s skating. And yes, I can hook you up.

KM: Brah, what does the woman on the cover of Contra think about the Islanders chances this year?

CB: She thinks it'll never happen.

Brah Blog: Vampire Weekend

KM: How was the show you did above a hockey rink in London? WTF btw. . .that's AWESOME. You are killing it. Did you guys skate? Who's the best hockey player in the band?

CB: The day we played the rink was extremely busy so we didn't get the opportunity to go skating but we did get to watch people skate and fall down, which was fun. Toward the end of our show they made everyone get off the ice and a Zamboni came out. Do you think people in the UK call a Zamboni a Zamboni? For some reason I think they'd have a different word for it over there.

I'm the only one with any hockey experience so I think I'd be the best, although CT has taken me down in knock hockey a bunch of times.

KM: I saw Max Creek at the Hotchkiss School Schmidt Rink in like 1990. . .same year I stopped caring about the NHL. . .what do you think? Seriously Max Creek is the worst band though.

CB: I think you can rest your case.

KM: Do you have any fans in the NHL? Oneida might not have any fans who watch the NHL. Black Mountain tells this great story of getting feted by someone in Arizona who plays for the Coyotes. Couldn't tell you much more than that though.

CB: My friend Jeremy told me that he saw Sean Avery at one of our shows two years ago but I couldn't independently prove that. Also Dion Phaneuf was backstage at a festival we played in Canada back in '08 but I couldn't tell if he watched our set. That said we'd all be super psyched if more hockey players got into our band. I'd love it if Mike Richter came to one of our shows, you don't usually see him blogging about bands so if he puts his support behind one you know it's serious.

Thanks for answering KM's questions, Chris!

For the blog:  Sightings record art

We keep getting closer to the release date for Sightings City of Straw! I have a copy at my house! You are jealous! You should preorder it at the link I've set forth above!

And, because I cannot resist, the internet gold that I struck yesterday, that which blew my mind so much that I'm currently writing a song about it, spinster sex cult slaying. um, circa 1931. Enjoy that story and your Weekend!!


Brah Dance School
March 19, 2010

Brought to our attention by Birdlaw Industries.

A Jam From the Massdist Archives
March 19, 2010

Thanks to Jonah Rapino for getting this out to the people. . .let's share something. How about it?

Crazy Brah Scheme 2010
March 15, 2010

I'm not going to say it's our only crazy scheme for 2010, simply the most recent.

Lake at Rose Ridge

Bloody Powers here, and I have an interesting story for you (I hope you agree). Once upon a time I was outed for being a golf enthusiast. That's right, not only can I occasionally be caught watching it on tv, I also love to play the game, and I'm pretty good at it. When it came out one summer day in Kentucky in the presence of Jagjaguwar's head honcho, who had brought his clubs in the hopes of playing a round, I may or may not have challenged him to a game (I did). I had my reasons, he vaguely accepted, and almost 2 years later we're coming up on an event that reminded us here at Brah of this challenge. But I'll get to that.


(I should probably be more embarrassed to admit this but) I grew up playing golf. I ducked out of junior high on Wednesday mornings to meet my gram at the course down the street. I met up to play with my dad's league of middle aged, blue collar dudes Tuesday evenings... until they asked me to stop coming for the sake of their egos. It can't be much fun to get beat by a 13 year old skirt who isn't wearing shoes (like the great Sam Snead) so I still don't hold it against them. I played on the boys' team in high school because there wasn't a girls' team (freshman and a girl? first few practices were the opposite a picnic.) I got up at 6am in the summer to play in a junior league with my cousins and brother (bro remains a ringer). I worked weekends and summers at golf courses near where my parents live for years after I moved to the city primarily for the free greens fees (and seasonal employment, best!). Inevitably a few weekend warrior/suckers would arrive (I can spot them at 20 paces, not unlike how I can also spot likely serial killers at the same distance, but that's another post) and I would join their two- or threesomes and unapologetically shark them out of money to fund my sordid art projects. Then years went by and I didn't really play at all... until I joined Dirty Faces. Wouldn't you know... there's not only another woman in the band but she plays golf, she's great at it, and she's pictured above. Playing golf, for me, is like riding a bike (except that I learned to ride a bike when I was 29 instead of earlier like normal children). I only need a few swings to get back in the swing (sorry, so lame, I'm writing about my love of golf for god's sake.)


To get back to my original story, and the point of this post, I sort of challenged the Jagjag C.E.O. to a golf duel in the name of Dirty Faces...and Dirty Faces' next record Underground Economy is aaaaalmost finished... and KM and I thought it might be fun to drum up (so lame, deal with it) any of our musician-brahs out there who may also be fans of the sport to listen to our crazy scheme and let us convince you to participate in it. Seriously, email me, don't be afraid, we'll give you code names or something if necessary. I know you're out there and I'll keep repeating this, sort of like how I keep reminding you about Sightings' City of Straw out next month, I promise I won't let it drop so you might as well save me the trouble. Cheers!


Brahject 5: Noveller + UPDATES
March 12, 2010

Brahject: Noveller

So many Brahjects!! In fact I'm using my own numbering system because I can't keep up. Today's featured artist, Noveller, is a Brooklyn sound artist who recently stopped by the Ocropolis to make some noise. All photos taken by man-of-many-talents Zach Lehroff. She's on tour now, check the link for dates near you!

Brahject: Noveller

Brahject: Noveller

I interrupt these sweet Noveller photos to bring you some breaking news. PEOPLE OF THE NORTH are releasing an album in April. If you were lucky you saw them with The Sadies last month at the Mercury Lounge (I didn't). If you were even luckier you saw them a few years ago in Pgh at the infamous super-dive Gooski's and your mind was irreparably blown (I did/it was). This news pleases me greatly and it should you as well. Details will follow, I promise.

Brahject: Noveller

Oh that's not all, dear friends. The hard-working men of Oneida cannot be contained, and this weekend our fearless blog-leader Kid Millions debuts his solo project, Man Forever. The record will be out in the next few months on St. Ives and as I've stated before, being a Brah! VIP has MANY perks but I think my favorite is getting advance notice on the jams. I've heard it, I dig it, and you should go to the Ocropolis Saturday to support it. I'd be standing next to you if geography weren't an issue... weren't we supposed to have hoverboards by now? Teleportation? wtf, science? It's 2010.

Brahject: Noveller

(Ssshhh, I'll let you in on a secret... Man Forever recorded an album with my band in Pgh a few years ago. We understand he's a busy guy but if he doesn't come back and finish it at least 2 of us with the initials JC and JP are going to be MAD. No pressure though, Brah.)

Brahject: Noveller

And as previously stated, the time for the new Sightings record, City of Straw, draws ever closer. April 13th to be exact. That is exactly one month from tomorrow. Did I mention that I'm still kind of hungover and struggling to be clever (or as clever as I am, ever. wow, sick rhyme!)

People everywhere are doing all kinds of amazing things: buy their music, see their films, attend their functions, think about what they're saying... it is possible that you'll learn something! I certainly have. Most of it is useful.


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Rick Moody

Hey everyone so this piece has been brewing almost as long as the follow up to The Enchanter Persuaded. . .this is Kid talking. I read this review by the great Rick Moody and realized he was as addicted to rock biographies as I. So I decided, what the f I would write to him and take his pulse on music bios. What follows is our reconstituted email exchange with our recommendations sprinkled in...
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